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    FSU Generals!

    It has been a LONG time since I’ve written anything on Tumblr, but felt compelled to express my feelings towards my last couple of days auditioning. Since last summer, I have found a strong passion and fervent love for Theatre. I guess I’ve kind of always knew it was there, but it took a friend of mine to almost force me to do “Chicago”, to realize it. Since then, I’ve basically been falling into shows back to back (usually someone telling me to audition for something that is coming up) trying to learn as much as a can from time wasted. I’ve also made it habit to see as many local shows, which included FSU’s Spelling Bee..WHICH WAS FANTASTIC AND FILLED WITH SO MUCH TALENT. So0o0o, when a friend of mine recommeded I audition for FSU Generals (which I didn’t know was open to the public), I decided what the heck. After what seemed to be probably one of my worst auditions, I actually got a callback. Not going to lie, the callbacks were pretty scary…I knew I was already at a disadvantage because I wasn’t in the theatre program, much less a FSU student… (88% of the people were probably BFA majors…who you can expect to be ridiculously talented). I definetely felt out of place, most people knew each other and I was definetely waiting for someone to yell out “HE DOESN’T EVEN GO HERE” (yes, this is a mean girl reference). I think the hardest part was knowing everyone else is watching/judging everything you do…basically sizing up competition or at least wondering where’d that random black kid come from. Which leads me up to the ‘Main Topic’ I wanted to discuss. As much as I desperately wanted to have my debut on the Fallon Stage, I am happy for the rest of people who have callbacks tonight. Yes, I was sad for a little bit…but I realize that we have to be supportive for each other and there is a reason I didn’t get a part. That means someone brought something more to the table or fitted the character better, which in the end will make the show THAT much more uh-mazing (and I have to focus on myself and how to better my ‘craft’ lol). The Acting/Singing/Dancing world is sooo vast and big, and Tallahassee students whether theater, voice, dancing, and musician majors need to stick together and support each other for the BIGGER places like NYC and LA. During Callbacks, I mainly kept to myself because I wasn’t acquainted with most of the people auditioning (though I knew OF them through the shows I’ve watched)… BUT one person actually went of his way and gave me a compliment and seemed genuinely encouraging throughout the process. Aaaand, it was pretty clear that we we’re going for the same part in ONE particular show. I have so much more respect for people like that; people who are genuinely friendly and supportive. I hope if I do decide to make this my career, that I remain as supportive and humble no matter what. Don’t get me wrong…I will FIGHT for the part I want. Let’s just say that I would rather look for positive things to say about people as oppose to just criticizing their craft all the time. In my opinion, it is now that we need to support and encourage our peers while we are will still students! This goes for the Acapella world too.

    In Conclusion, I am glad I got to experience this audition proces, and even though I didn’t get to know many people personally, it was nice to have my name out there for that five seconds, while I got witness some really talented people.

    PS I have a lot more to say about Tallahassee’s collegiate ”theatre/performing/Acapella” world but I get tired of writing easily and I’m not great at it so I try to keep it short (try being the operative word).

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    Can we all be friends?

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    just one of those days…

    If you know me, you know I like to portray a friendly person with positive attitude towards life. but I guess today is just one of those days where that’s not going to happen. At this point, with all the stress: i just want to forget about school, work and all the other crap that makes up a stressful day. Don’t get me wrong, this is (technically) my doing but WHATEVER.

    More importantly: Trying to please people and impress them for little in return is getting a little tiring. Through the last couple of weeks, I’ve  learned that I just need to FOCUS on myself! Even though I HATE burning bridges, sometimes its what’s best.

    Two songs that can sum this post up: Lazy Song- Bruno Mars/Forget you- Cee Lo Green (Imma keep it clean)

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    The ORIGINAL BON QUI QUI!!!! I miss the Old Nickelodeon soooooo much…never realize how GHETTO it was though lol

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    I promise you I do this on a daily basis!

    I promise you I do this on a daily basis!

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    Why does this bird got mo’ swag and hit harder than me

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    I have listened to this song ALL week…and it never gets old!

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    Harry is my best Fran!

    You know, if I was a character/student in Hogwarts and every year I saw Harry Potter having these cool adventures and always saving everyone (and getting rewarded for it)…I definetely would have just started hanging out with him on the regular…at least by the 3rd book, duh!!!

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    I swear facebook Doppelganger week/month is MY LIFE!

    Apparently to the world I look like everyone and their mothers. For the majority of my life I have always been told I look like someone they know or some random celebrity. Before it was usually a character or celebrity:

    Taye Diggs, Elmo, Mos Def, Steve Urkel (Jaleel White), Sammy Davis Jr., Jerry the Mouse, Bill Cosby, usher, some random guy on a Spanish magazine.

    But now its mostly someone that they meant before. I can’t EMPHASIZE how many times someone comes up to me thinking they are speaking to a different person. Just right now, these two girls were walking by

    Girl 1: There goes that guy you were talking about

    Girl 2: I don’t think that’s him

    Girl 1: Yes he is…Hey, you were just upstairs, right?

    Me: No

    Girl 1: OMG..he look JUST like him…I guess the other guys taller

    I promose you this happens to me ALL the time. About a week ago, I was in the middle of a convo with Sasha when a guy came up to me and started talking to me like he knew me. Because I was use to it, I played along with it and let him think I was the other guy and as soon as he left, I turned to Sasha and told her I never meant him in my life..she could only laugh. I have a Co-worker who people swear were brothers when we are no where near related. It makes me think: Do I have really common (boring) face or do I really just look like everybody!!!! It sucks though because besides the celebrities/co-worker, I never get to see the person their talking about so I can’t make a judgement of my own.

    If you think I look like a famouse person/someone you’ve seen or know, let me know because I’m curious to see how many others I look like!

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    If you past the feet thing, this is one of the most inspirational stories I’ve ever heard